You *are* the love you are seeking

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“I think of our inner life, our soul, as something we come into life with. It’s shining, in our hearts. It’s always there with us. But as we go through life, this light, which is in the lantern of who we are, our body and our psyche are this lantern around our soul light, gets covered with layers of soot, layers of conditioning. Let’s say you had a really difficult childhood and you’re this beautiful light that you came into the world with, the stress of your childhood, the anger you might have built up, the fear, the mistrust, it begins to dull the natural light that is inside of us. So when we say we go on a spiritual path, we’re not going somewhere else. We’re not going to get something we don’t already have. We have to find a way to clean the sides of our lantern. …”

“…And psychology is actually a sacred journey if you do it in service of liberating the light. So you’re aware, “My childhood makes me perpetually angry,” so there’s no—you go to church and the minister says, “Be love. You are love.” But you’re always angry, and it doesn’t sync up. But you can spend time let’s say with a therapist or a counselor or pastoral counselor cleaning that side of the lantern with dealing with your childhood wounds. Healing yourself.”

“… That’s a spiritual tool. So is religion. Prayer. Ritual. So is contemplation. Meditation. So they all are part of a holistic spiritual path.” ~Elizabeth Lesser

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