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I am not making the most of this moment!

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How to Pray

Today: Seek the help of your higher power through prayer.

G=God’s presence: become aware

I=Intercede for others & self: pray for the people in your life

F=Forgiveness: confess,  ask forgiveness for self & others;

T=Thanksgiving: Make a gratitude list!


My sponsor said, “Pray if you can.” Having no faith whatever,
thinking that prayer must be a kind of autohypnotic play-acting,
alone in my apartment I got down on my knees like a little child
and prayed to the unknown God.

I said, “God, take away my compulsion to drink.” And my compulsion to drink was removed, and it has not returned from that day to this.
Without knowing how I had done it, I had surrendered to the Power,
and the Power did for me what I could not do of my own will

– Came To Believe . . ., p. 98

Thought to Ponder . . .

Trying to pray is praying.

A S A P = Always Say A Prayer.

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5 Life Lessons: Tragedy -> Triumph

~reprinted from ABC interview

Jaycee Dugard gave an unflinching and unsparing look into her life while held captive by kidnappers Phillip and Nancy Garrido. Now two years into her freedom, her triumph in her healing process and her bravery in recounting the horror she’s overcome teaches us all valuable lessons for how to be survivors in our own lives. Here’s a few of them.

1. Hold On To Hope: Even though Dugard was stripped of her name and subjected to horrible abuse and manipulation, she proudly proclaimed to ABC News’ Diane Sawyer that Phillip and Nancy Garrido “didn’t get all of me.” She said that she had to “hold on to any kind of hope to survive.”
Throughout her 18 year ordeal, Dugard held onto hope that she would see her mother again. When Phillip Garrido took her pink clothes and the backpack that she wore the day she was kidnapped on June 10, 1991, she hid a butterfly pinky ring given to her by her mother. She’d hide that ring for nearly two decades.
Simple things like a glance at the moon reminded Dugard of her mother and the life that she hoped to return to. Before her abduction, Dugard and her mom, Terry Probyn, used to sing a song about the moon together and debate which moon was prettier: a crescent or a full moon. Staring at the moon became a way to remember one another. The two women ironically looked at the same moon just two days before Dugard and her daughters were rescued in August 2009.

Dugard still marvels at the hope both women held onto. “Being a mom now, you know, I know that she never forgot about me because I could never forget about my kids… But she kept…her hope. I don’t know how she did that. You know? How did I keep my hope? How did she keep her hope,” Dugard said.
2. Find Meaning in The Day, Even if it Is a Day in Hell: Dugard told Sawyer that the life she lived under Phillip and Nancy Garrido seems “unimaginable” now. She and her two daughters lived in squalor in a backyard compound of dilapidated sheds. There was no toilet. Dugard didn’t stand in the sunlight until six years into her captivity.

Still, Dugard found ways to bring beauty into an unfathomable situation. She turned a tent into her sanctuary. “I felt like I had something that was mine. So I have, you know, good memories of my tent if you can believe that with all the leakiness.” Dugard planted flowers outside the tent, making a garden. She also tried to make life as normal as possible for her daughters. In the corner of the backyard prison, she made a school.
3. When There Is No Way to Escape, Adapt: Dugard said that there was a “switch” she had to shut off to survive. “You just do what you have to do to survive,” she told Sawyer. Dugard learned that surviving meant keeping her feelings to herself so that she didn’t rile the emotional and delusional Garridos. She found a way to channel her emotions by scribbling on scraps of paper that she kept as a journal. “It helped me get through a lot of days, my imagination.”

Dugard named the spider in her room – Bianca. She came up with stories about the tree outside the lone window in the soundproof studio the Garridos first locked her in. She made doll furniture out of milk cartons.
The things Dugard couldn’t say out loud, she wrote in her journal. She described dreams of seeing her mother. She set goals of riding in a hot air balloon, being a veterinarian and even wondered if one day she’d find a soul mate.

4. Do Not Forget What Real Love or Goodness Is: Perhaps the greatest reminders of real love and goodness was the birth of her daughters in 1994 and 1997. She writes that having her first daughter meant that “I wasn’t alone any more. [I] had somebody that was mine… And I knew I could never let anything happen to her.”
Dugard said that caring for her daughters helped her remember her mother. She worried over the 18 years that she was forgetting what her mom looked like, but she’d see her mom in her daughters’ faces. She said that gave her “another little piece of my mom to hang onto.”
Dugard also said she gave and received love from the many cats she cared for over the years. She was so fond of one, she kept a journal for him: “Eclipse’s Journal.” Excerpts of the journal are in her memoir, “A Stolen Life.” One journal entry reads, “last night I started to cry and she heard me and she came to me and sat next to me and after that, I felt a little better…when she looks at me I see love, curiosity, intelligence, but most of all I see her love for me.”

5. Stare The Past Down With Strength, Not Shame: Dugard has spent the past two years with her therapist, Dr. Rebecca Bailey, learning that what happened to her is not her fault. “It is not her shame. Those things happened to her,” Bailey told ABC News. Dugard said that she is telling her story so that there are no more secrets. “Why not look at it? You know, stare it down until it can’t scare you anymore,” Dugard told Sawyer.
In giving an honest account of how a predator operates, she’s giving voice to the many victims of sex abuse and a glimpse into the rare occurrence of stranger abduction.

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Why YOU need a coach

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Make a Change

Life is full of new beginnings

Is it time
A New
Is it
time 2
Take Action? 




is not complete until it lives as

Live the turnarounds.”

Loving What Is ~Byron Katie

of inquiry &

No Change?


“There is action and more action. ‘Faith without works is


Do you


Here are some examples of the
areas in which people often make
major changes in their life and
the types of changes they might

  • Relationships:
    Getting into one, getting out
    of one or going deeper into
  • Jobs:
    Upgrading your current one or
    changing your career to
    something that makes you
  • Home:
    Moving to a new
  • School:

    Deciding to go back for moreeducation.

  • Behavior:
    Changing a negative
    behavior—such as being
    domineering or controlling or
    not standing up for yourself—or
    ending self-sabotaging
  • Inner life:
    Wanting to become a more
    spiritually aware person and
    living more consciously.

Free ebook to get started

The Workshop

a 12-class, 6 week group

combining coaching principles

with The Work of Byron Katie-

how-to info about change,

a workbook with exercises 4

guidance and inquiry.



***A New

I knew I had to have a
new beginning, and this beginning had to
be here. I could not start anywhere
else.  I had to let go of the  past
and forget the future.

As long as I held on to the past with one
hand and grabbed at the future with the other
hand, I had nothing to hold onto today with.

So I had to begin here, now.

Came To Believe
, p. 46

News & Events

Don’t forget our daily,
free inquiry, doing The Work every
morning 9am PT (noon ET).

The Living Work | Coach Academy

Phone: 888-490-4600 |



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are you singing your song?

Are you singing the song you were meant to sing?
“I have spent my days stringing and unstringing my instrument, while the song I came to sing remains unsung.” ~Tagore
“Those who wish to sing always find a song.” ~Swedish proverb

Check this out: The best example of humility and endurance I have seen recently!


Are you stuck?
If you need help finding clarity of direction, focusing on goals, activating a plan, overcoming challenges and moving forward, it’s time to get a coach! If you need to make changes, may I invite you to check out a workshop or give me a call 888-490-4600 to make plans to move forward at last so you, too, can sing your song!

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Something wrong with you?

Section 1. The Work

There’s nothing terrible in the world
There’s never anything wrong or lacking.
Everything is nourishment.
Everything happens for you, not to you.
~Byron Katie
“There’s something wrong with me” [Video]

Section 2. Recovery Literature
Negative Into Positive

Self-searching is the means by which we bring new vision, action, and grace to bear upon the dark and negative side of our natures.
It is a step in the development of that kind of humility
that makes it possible for us to receive God’s help.

– Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, p.98

Thought to Ponder . . .
Through adversity, we find strength.

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Freedom from Food Addiction!

Are you ready for lasting freedom from the tyranny of food???

Thank you to all who gave their input during our teleseminars!
[I will be emailing you the link to your free ebook later today!]
Here is a summary of what you told me about what YOU want your relationship to food to be…
If you could have a perfect diet what would it be?
Food is never an issue.
You never feel obsessive about food and eat only when hungry.
You eat what and when you want! Even “forbidden” foods!
You recognize your body’s hunger signals and not get them confused with emotions, thirst, habit or boredom.
You do not swing between overeating or restricting food for the sake of ‘diet’.
Your diet is naturally good for you.

Without even trying you choose wholesome natural foods loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, phytochemicals, minerals, fiber, healthy fats, slow carbohydrates and appropriate amounts of protein.
There are no complicated cooking and recipes.
Cooking is fun, and not a chore so my perfect diet is easy to live with.
You complement your love of food – good food – with fitness because you know that true health is not attainable without it.

You exercise  most days of the week- it would be a combination of aerobic and strength training, but not compulsively.
A sense of well-being floods your body daily.
Eating is an act of great enjoyment- each and every time.
You don’t feel deprived nor do you feel guilty about what you eat.

Food is satisfying, rewarding and enough would be enough.
You do not feel hungry.
You are not chained to your scale for value.
Your self-worth does not depend on a number on a scale nor on how you look in your bathing suit.
Or as one client said, “I would have the same relationship with food as I do with my clothes—I just enjoy them!”

If you are ready to claim these benefits for yourself, join us!

For LASTING recovery from compulsive overeating or food addiction, you will need to get to the root cause!

Until you deal with the root of the issue, your subconscious will continue to manifest the weight!
If you are ready to go to the root and claim your freedom,

Email: sandra@sandralenington.com for more information on the group. We are hoping to begin the first week in May.

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Who would you be without your diet?

WHOA, it just occurred to me: How much time and energy have I spent concerned with how much I weigh, what I will eat, what diet I should try next, binge/starve, permit/restrict? The thought of not having to worry about those things feels like a relief on one hand but really, if I am honest, it brings fear too–who would I be without all this controlling?

Calling ALL people with a LOVE/HATE relationship with food!!


Friday April 15 noon PT, 3 pm ET or
Saturday April 16 8 am PT, 11 am PT

Register here!


We have 2 scheduled and may do a
couple next week as well, so you may attend one or all.

The DAYS + TIMES are
this Friday April 15 at noon PT, 3pm ET and
Saturday morning April 16 at 8 am PT, 11 am ET.

You can REGISTER by clicking here

The PURPOSE as I mentioned is to find out what will be helpful or
supportive and help with accountability but the
=>BIG PURPOSE is to END the war with food once and for all

I need to find out from YOU
=> what your experience has been,
=> what your challenges are,
=> what your triggers are,
=> what you have tried,
=> what has worked and
=> what has not worked.

You can REGISTER by clicking here

***If you have had a life-long love-hate relationship with food,
you are in the right place.

***If you are tired of turning to food, tired of the cycles of
binge/starve, tired of diets that work in
the short-term, or just plain tired of even thinking about food,
you are in the right place.

What I am hoping is to bring a
holistic solution to the problem, dealing with physical,
emotional, mental(our beliefs) and spiritual aspects,
I really need to know if that is what will be helpful.
and for that


You can REGISTER by clicking here




[As a thank-you, you will receive a free ebook outlining 5 super,
little-known (scientific, documented) secrets  to lose weight without dieting, without
surgery, without effort!]



1. If you could wave a magic wand and have your life just as you want it,
what would that look like?
How would you relate to food and your self?
What would be different in your life?

2. What challenges or triggers slow you down, stand in your way or stop you from achieving your desired outcome?

3. What kinds of support/accountability/information would help?
What form would it take?

4. What have you tried and what were your results?

I will share some ideas about what has worked in my life as well.

Please save the Phone # and your personal PIN# or write it in your calendar or print it out now. We suggest saving it right in your cell phone as a Contact.

“See” you there, or just come and listen if you don’t want to add to the conversation!



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Your deepest fear

A Warm Embrace – Our Deepest Fear from R Smittenaar on Vimeo.

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