I Need Your Love Study

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DAY 1 (Monday)

Inquiry: “I am not qualified.” (group inquiry)

Exercise: Noticing our thoughts: What is the thought that kicks you out of heaven.

Other thoughts that were raised:

I don’t deserve to have what I want.

There is no money available.

I need to make this work.

I need a steady income.

DAY 2 (Wednesday)

Inquiry: “I can’t have what I want.”(group inquiry)

Exercise: What is that you believe love will give you. What will you have if you have love?
Here is the list we compiled:

What love will give me is:

1. Belonging (I am OK as I am. I am good enough….opposite: I am broken, not good enough, a fraud, a failure, will not measure up.
2. Security (I will be taken care of financially)…opposite: there is not enough money..a knight in shining armor needs to come and take me away to the castle.)
3. Adored and cared for (I am lovable…..opposite: I am unlovable. There is something wrong with me that can’t be fixed.)
4. Safety [physical and emotional] I can trust that the universe is friendly…opposite: I am at risk. The other shoe will fall at any moment.
5. Sense of merging with the One/God/universe orgasm Immanual=God with/in us ….opposite: emptiness, I am abandoned, separate.
6. Inner peace….opposite: stranded (I will die alone)
7. Ease my pain
8. Intimacy
9. Company

DAY 3  (Friday)

Here is” the first big Whopper “I need to win people over to make them like me.”
Here is a bonus video:

Notice your behavior as you go about your day. What are your thoughts as you interact with others. How do you want them to see you? Bring some examples. Another place would be a phone conversation. Or getting dressed for a meeting, date or even interacting with people in stores.
What ways do you manipulate??

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