Freedom from Food Addiction!

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Are you ready for lasting freedom from the tyranny of food???

Thank you to all who gave their input during our teleseminars!
[I will be emailing you the link to your free ebook later today!]
Here is a summary of what you told me about what YOU want your relationship to food to be…
If you could have a perfect diet what would it be?
Food is never an issue.
You never feel obsessive about food and eat only when hungry.
You eat what and when you want! Even “forbidden” foods!
You recognize your body’s hunger signals and not get them confused with emotions, thirst, habit or boredom.
You do not swing between overeating or restricting food for the sake of ‘diet’.
Your diet is naturally good for you.

Without even trying you choose wholesome natural foods loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, phytochemicals, minerals, fiber, healthy fats, slow carbohydrates and appropriate amounts of protein.
There are no complicated cooking and recipes.
Cooking is fun, and not a chore so my perfect diet is easy to live with.
You complement your love of food – good food – with fitness because you know that true health is not attainable without it.

You exercise  most days of the week- it would be a combination of aerobic and strength training, but not compulsively.
A sense of well-being floods your body daily.
Eating is an act of great enjoyment- each and every time.
You don’t feel deprived nor do you feel guilty about what you eat.

Food is satisfying, rewarding and enough would be enough.
You do not feel hungry.
You are not chained to your scale for value.
Your self-worth does not depend on a number on a scale nor on how you look in your bathing suit.
Or as one client said, “I would have the same relationship with food as I do with my clothes—I just enjoy them!”

If you are ready to claim these benefits for yourself, join us!

For LASTING recovery from compulsive overeating or food addiction, you will need to get to the root cause!

Until you deal with the root of the issue, your subconscious will continue to manifest the weight!
If you are ready to go to the root and claim your freedom,

Email: for more information on the group. We are hoping to begin the first week in May.

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