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New You Workshop

FINALLY, the time is here

to take action!!

Tired of making plans,

hearing teleseminars,

reading & learning new information

but not taking any action?

The New You!

“The New You!” is a 6 part (12 Classes!) Workshop plus workbook that is designed to give you a makeover from the inside => outside!
We combine coaching with The Work of Byron Katie!

You’ve seen those makeover programs on the TV, right?

Well, this is something similar!

We look at what is important to you in life, the person you would like to be, what you want to be known for, your values, beliefs and image.

After completing the course there will be no stopping you – watch out everyone!

Class 1: Getting Clear => Clarify your Direction
Understanding Yourself

Are you happy with yourself and your lot in life?
What makes your heart smile?
What is success to you?
Finding your purpose!

Class 1a: The Work on Beliefs about Success

Class 2Setting Goals
What and who do you want to be in life?
How to use the S-M-A-R-T system to set goals you can achieve.
How to group your goals so you can achieve them.

Class 2a: The Work on Beliefs about doubts, fears.

Class 3Activate an Action Plan
Set goals that drive your existence.
What are the reasons to achieve your goal?
“Chunking” goals to make them achievable.

Class 3a: The Work on Beliefs about action & expectations.

Class 4How to Handle Challenges
Taking control of your life & refocusing after setbacks!
Taking a closer look at beliefs.
Strategies for dealing with reality and setbacks.

Class 4a: The Work on Beliefs about failure & challenges.

Class 5Reinvention & The Science of Change
What is the one thing needed to motivate lasting Change?
Being confident with the new you.

Class 5a: The Work on Beliefs about what is “stopping” us.

Class 6Transforming Attitude: Unstoppable Confidence
The new you – the WOW factor!

Class 6a: The Work on Beliefs about next steps.


Teleseminars: Meeting by phone

Email, for new times

Tuesdays & Thursdays at 4 pm PDT, 7 pm EDT
1 hour, recordings available if you miss the call.
Invest $147 in yourself (12 Classes held over 6 weeks.)

This course is for you if you are ready to take action with the support of  a caring group!

You want more information?

Email: Sandra or phone @ 888-490-4600, 831-247-4400

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